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Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief

Coping With Your Loss

Many bereaved people feel in need of additional support beyond that which is given by family and friends. Children are often overlooked at a time of grief in the family and they have special needs in coping with death at various stages of their development.

From the time of the initial contact with the family after their loss, we are there for the family at any time to help them through the difficult times they will face, and to be a support for them. We are in contact with the family regularly, especially over the first year, and we make regular visits or phone calls, depending on the level of support needed etc., to see how they are coping. We also have a number of books and pamphlets available at out premises to help people understand the emotional process, and to help them work through their time of grief in the healthiest way possible.

We will also recommend counselling and refer you to professionals specialising in the areas of emotional and practical needs that arise after the death of a loved one.

Lethborg Funeral Services offers funerals arrangements and endeavors to ease your pain.

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