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Pre-arranged and Pre-paid Funerals in Tasmania

Pre Paid FuneralsOnce you have decided on your Funeral Director many people choose to go the next step and pre-arrange or pre-pay their funeral. Both initiatives take a great burden off the grieving family and give them the opportunity to mourn their loss without the additional stress of arranging the funeral.

Pre-arranging a funeral is suited to people wanting to outline their wishes without paying any money. Pre-paying is similar to pre-arranging the funeral but includes paying for the funeral costs at today’s prices. Both initiatives lighten the burden for those left behind.


What are the Benefits?

Reputable Funeral Directors will have a pre-paid funeral bond which is administered by a secure long-standing financial institution. Lethborg Funeral Services use a number of Secure Investment Options.

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Once a pre-paid funeral plan is taken out, the money is invested into a secure funeral bond. When death does occur, the Funeral Director has all the arrangement details on file and can calmly and efficiently attend to all the necessary arrangements. We, at Lethborg Funeral Services, will then visit the family, to finalise the details, and to offer our sympathy and support for the difficult times ahead.

In most cases the pre-paid allowance will cover all costs that were included, the interest being used to cover the rising costs over the years